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Quarters: Bulharská 588/1, Praha 10
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Allow us to welcome you to united webpages of JUDr. Ing. Eva Daniela Cvik's and JUDr. Dita Kmochová Stočesová's law offices, based in Bulharská 588/1, Prague 10 Vršovice, ZIP code 101 00.

Law offices provides legal consulting and legal services to both business subjects and individual clients in the whole Czech Republic, especially in the fields of civil law, family law, housing law, commercial law and insolvency, as well as property law.

Our law offices are cooperating with executor's offices, notaries, but with tax advisers as well, so we can guarantee maximum quality of legal services for our clients. In relation to that, the goal of our law offices is not only to offer our clients accomodating and individual attitude, but assuraning quality and proficiency of the provided services as well, while putting the trust between a client and a lawyer to the top.

You can find our law offices at:

Bulharská 588/1
Praha 10 – Vršovice, 101 00
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