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The fee for provided legal services is adjusted by the edict of the Ministry of Justice Nr 177/1996 – Lawyer's fees and compensations for providing legal services (so called "Lawyer's tariff").
The lawyer's fee is in most cases set by an agreement between the lawyer and the client. The fee is based with regard to the legal and time difficulty of the legal service.

The agreement between the lawyer and the client can be set as an action fee, time fee, fixed fee or share fee.
Action Fee – is a fee set by the number of acts of the legal service made by the lawyer. The Lawyer's tariff in the establishment § 11 assigns, what is considered as an act of the legal service. It usually contains taking and preparing the legal representation, the first conference with the client, another conference longer than an hour, listing a charge, listing a contract or deed, listing a submission to the court or another authorities regarding the same service, participation in the actions at the court etc.

Time Fee – is a fee defined by the number of hours spent by the lawyer with providing the legal service.

Fixed Fee – is a fee for the repetitive time period, in which a previously set extent of the legal service is included.

Share Fee – is a fee usually based on an agreement between the both parties. This fee is generally set as a percentage of the result of the conflict.
In case the lawyer's fee is set by none of these methods, the amount extra-contractual fee is conducted by the establishment of the lawyer's tariff.

Along with a layer's fee (contractual or extra-contractual), a compensation for cash costs and lost time is also billed.

Our law office cares not only for that the fee is equivalent to time and service difficulty, but for clients financial possibilities as well. The client is always free to choose which tariff is the most convenient for him.