The financial custody provided by our law office is recommended to our clients to ensure that the contracting party will fulfil its part of an agreement or contract.
The financial custody is generally used during real property transactions, business transactions or commercial shares.
This service is an assurance for the seller, that the purchase price will be paid in the full amount. The buyer, on the other hand, does not risk money transaction before a record into the Land Registry is made.
The Law Office of JUDr. Dita Kmochová Stočesová offers the financial custody for the price between 1.000 and 10.000 CZK. The price depends on the amount of the money placed to into custody. A price of this service includes creating a deed of financial custody and costs related to the fulfilment of this service. The financial means received from the clients are deposited on special accounts at GE Money Bank


Financial custody

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