Welcome to websites of JUDr. Dita Kmochová Stočesová, based in Prague, filed in the list of Lawyers conducted by the Czech Bar Association.

Law Office is oriented to provision of complete legal services to business subjects as well as individual clients, especially in the following fields:

Civil law – contractual and disputabe civil agenda, law of property, co-ownership, common property of a married couple.
Family law –
alimonies, filiations, divorces, care of minors, pre-marital and marital agreements.
Housing law –
residential and non-residential premises, transactions, tenancy, subtenancy, cancellations, evictions.
Commercial law –
commercial contracts, legal servis and consulting for companies and societies.
Insolvency –
concepts of insolvency, debt relieves, submitting claims, incidence disputes.
Real estates –
purchase, contracts of donation and exchange, contracts, usucaption easements.
Financial custody.
Representing the client at the court or similar authorities.
Law Office

Our Law Office is based on an accommodating and individual attitude to every client to which we offer quality and similarity of the provided legal services, while keeping the advocacy traditions – putting the trust between a client and a lawyer on the first place.

The workplace of our law office can be found in Prague 10 – Vršovice. However, our complex legal services are available in the whole Czech Republic.

Lawyer´s services

Law Office:
Pod Vinohradem 159/20,
147 00 Praha 4 - Braník

JUDr. Dita Kmochová Stočesová

phone: +420 739 674 405