Our Legal office provides complete legal services in the field of the commercial law, namely in the:

  • Preparation and revision of all the contractual documents related to legal commercial obligation relations,
  • Preparation of contractual documents in the field of starting commercial corporations,
  • Complete legal consultancy in the field of starting a commercial corporation including a legal consultancy concerning the registration in the public register,      
  • Complete legal consultancy in collecting of pecuniary and non-pecuniary debts including possible execution proceedings,
  • Complete legal consultancy in the field of the insolvency law.

In connection with the provision of the legal services the law office arranges for its clients money deposit on the bank accounts especially established for this purpose and guarantees to each client the individual access. In case of interest it is also possible to deposit documents and officially verify contractual documents.

Owing to the fact that that legal disputes are a very unpleasant event for everybody of us it is good to have a first-rate partner by your side whom you can trust and who will provide professional legal consultation for you. Therefore, our Legal firm provides legal services concerning representing in front of court instances in case of commercial litigations.

Lawyer´s services

Legal services have been provided since 2012 in the following areas.

Law Office:
Pod Vinohradem 159/20,
147 00 Praha 4 - Braník

JUDr. Ing. Eva Daniela Cvik, Ph.D. et. Ph.D.

phone : +420 775 274 168